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Welcome to heroes_icontest: The newest icon challenge for NBC's Heroes! We're just getting started so, feel free to stop by and join in on all the fun! ♥
The Ever Dreaded...RULES
- All icons submitted must be in Livejournal format. This means that they must be under 40k, and 100x100 pixels or less.
- Please do not share your icon(s) publicly until after the challenge for which you submitted them for is complete.
- Do not tell people to come vote for you. That's cheating. Let's keep this fair and square.
- You may submit as many icons as stated in the challenge for that particular week. If there is a specific rule for a challenge, please make sure that you follow it.
- Above all else...have fun!
To see a list of current/past winners, please click here.
If you would always like a banner when you win, please leave a comment here!
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